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Whether you are looking for a underwater scuba adventure with a private on-board Dive Master, a romantic getaway with your partner,  or quality time with your family and experience the live aboard lifestyle on board of our sailing catamaran, we will make your stay on Bonaire unforgettable. 


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Personal Touch

On your catamaran sailing charters you will be hosted by our captain and stewardess.

They are experts, outstanding cuisine served from the galley by our host, and our captain who was raised on Bonaire can tell you all about sailing, the underwater life and islands hidden gems!


The onboard crew will make sure you will be spoilt throughout your day out on board 'Maxim'.


Fresh fruit, local healthy and flavourful treats accompanied with a refreshing drink.

On our Discover Bonaire Sail & Sea and the Full day Sail  we will also serve you  a mouthwatering lunch or BBQ depending on your preferences. 

The Caribbean island of Bonaire may only have aproximately 20,000 residents, but it has some of the best food in the Caribbean.


The World Food Travel Association has recognized the fine dining on the island, designating Bonaire as the second member of its Culinary Capital program.

That's why we also team up with local private chefs: At Home Private Chef ,  Chefs on Tour & Chefs Bonaire  and offer you a Fine Dining Catamaran Cruise where our chefs create and serve you a 4 -course diner including wine pairing. 

Taste the Caribbean on board Catamaran Maxim!



Bonaire offers a wide variety of water sports activities and no better way to combine it with our catamaran! 

Join our weekly Sail & Dive Experience on Thursdays where you can enjoy a full day (8hrs) of 2 dives or guide snorkel. 

When you are looking for a private charter, a half day Sail & Snorkel (4hrs) or our Discover Bonaire (5hrs) package is a great idea!

Floating water toys all are kept on board catamaran 'Maxim' for your enjoyment:




Tube riding

Paddle boarding

So always a good reason to choose our Catamaran Maxim for your vacation activity on Bonaire. 


We understand that when you arrive in Bonaire, you want to make the most of your limited time here, and that's where we come in.


Why Choose Bonaire Charters for Your Cruise Line Excursion?


- Tailored Experiences: Our charters are carefully designed to cater to the unique interests and schedules of cruise line guests. Whether you're an avid snorkeler, a passionate bird-watcher, or simply seeking relaxation on pristine beaches, we have a charter experience that suits your preferences.


- Experienced Guides: Our local guides are not only knowledgeable about Bonaire's natural wonders but are also experts in ensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout the excursion.


- Convenience:We understand that time is of the essence when your cruise ship docks in Bonaire. Our charter services are conveniently timed to align with your ship's schedule, so you can maximize your adventure without worry.


- Top-notch Equipment: We provide high-quality snorkeling gear, beach equipment, and safety essentials to make your cruise line visit as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.


Make the most of your cruise line visit to Bonaire by embarking on an unforgettable charter adventure with Bonaire Charters. Contact us today to book your excursion, and let us help you create lasting memories of this stunning Caribbean paradise.


Relax & Recharge

The Bonaire is a perfect place to fill up your relaxation cup. Let the energy recharge you. Comb the beach for beautiful shells, gently sail, and hang in one of the catamaran’s hammocks as warm breezes calm your senses. 

We hold quarterly events like our Sail & Serenity Sunrise Cruise where you will experience a sun salutation from Kelly Livingston from Fit For Life Athletics and followed by a relaxing massage from Massage Bonaire


 Book your ticket here and become part of a magical event.

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