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Whether you are looking for a underwater scuba adventure with a private on-board Dive Master, a romantic getaway with your partner,  or quality time with your family and experience the live aboard lifestyle on board of our sailing catamaran, we will make your stay on Bonaire unforgettable


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Personal Touch

On your catamaran sailing charters you will be hosted by our captain and stewardess. They are experts, outstanding cuisine served from the galley.

When you book our Sail & Snorkel trip our certified snorkel guide will show you the wonderful underwater life during one of our snorkel stops.   


We will show you around on board, and discuss your wishes and you are ready for your unforgettable stay aboard.


The onboard crew will make sure you will be spoilt throughout your day out on board 'Maxim'.


Fresh fruit, local healthy and flavourful treats accompanied with a refreshing drink.

On our Discover Bonaire Sail & Sea and the Full day Sail  we will also serve you  a mouthwatering lunch or BBQ depending on your preferences. 

The Caribbean island of Bonaire may only have aproximately 20,000 residents, but it has some of the best food in the Caribbean.


The World Food Travel Association has recognized the fine dining on the island, designating Bonaire as the second member of its Culinary Capital program.

That's why we also team up with local private chefs and offer you a Fine Dining Catamaran Cruise where our chefs create and serve you a 4 -course diner including wine pairing. 

Taste the Caribbean on board Catamaran Maxim!



Bonaire offers a wide variety of water sports activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, you think about it, we organize it! 

Floating water toys all are kept on board catamaran 'Maxim' for your enjoyment. 


For our more thrill-seeking guests, a variety of fast paced activities can be enjoyed locally; water skiing, wake-boarding, knee-boarding and sub-winging. 


Bonaire is also well known as the perfect climate for kiteboarding! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an excited first-timer, we will be happy to connect you for an onshore excursion for you when you arrive.


Bonaire truly is a unique Caribbean experience for all ages. Aside from being Divers' Paradise, you’ll find plenty of alternate activities on this beautiful island.

If this is your first time on Bonaire you might enjoy an island tour or a guided hike with one of our local tour leaders. Join a ‘Discover Reef Renewal Dive’ and learn how we preserve our delicate reefs.

We even can offer you the chance to completely relax in blissful paradise, with spa treatments and yoga sessions on board. 


The opportunities for you on Bonaire are endless! 

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Relax & Recharge

The Bonaire is a perfect place to fill up your relaxation cup. Let the energy recharge you. Comb the beach for beautiful shells, gently sail between island stops, hang in one of the catamaran’s hammock as warm breezes calm your senses. Wade in the shallow water as you follow the soft sandy beach, sit in the shade and catch up on a chapter or two of your book or lay in the sun on the foredeck trampolines and catch some sunrays. We make it happen.

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